Hematology Specialist Association
Mission and Goals


Hematology Specialist Association (HSA) is a non-profit organization for both clinicians and scientists devoted to the scientific, medical, practical, technical, administrative, and educational aspects of Hematology in Turkey and beyond. By providing educational and training opportunities, the HSA contributes towards improving the health of patients suffering from blood diseases.


Hematology Specialist Association aims;

· to provide educational and training opportunities for the clinicians and scientist working in the field of hematology

· to create a collaborative network made up of associations, institutions, clinicians, scientists, and nurses willing to share their experience and knowledge

· to spread the information about the most recent developments in hematology

· to provide educational materials and resources to people and their relatives affected by hematologic disorders

· to improve the quality of patient care in hematology in Turkey and beyond

· to represent Turkish Hematology at the international level