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Meeting the Need for Regenerative Therapies I: Target-Based Incidence and Its Relationship to US Spending, Productivity and Innovation.

Yazarlar : Parenteau N, Hardin-Young J, Shannon W, Cantini P, Russell AJ.

Yayın : Tissue Eng Part B Rev.

Yayın Yılı : 2011

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Konu : Rejeneratif Tıp

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Regenerative therapies possess high theoretical potential for medical advance yet their success as commercial therapeutics is still open to debate. Appropriate data on target opportunities that provide perspective and enable strategic decision-making is necessary for both efficient and effective translation. Up until now, this data has been out of reach to research scientists and many start-up companies - the very groups currently looked to for the critical advance of these therapies. The target-based estimate of opportunity presented in this report demonstrates its importance in evaluating medical need and technology feasibility. In addition, analysis of US research spending, productivity and innovation reveals that US basic research in this field would benefit from greater interdisciplinarity. Overcoming the barriers that currently prevent translation into high value therapies that are quickly clinically adopted requires simultaneous integration of engineering, science, business and clinical practice. Achieving this integration is non-trivial.

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