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Downregulation of cytokines and chemokines by GB virus C after transfusion-transmission in HIV+ blood recipients.

Yazarlar : Lanteri MC, Vahidnia F, Tan S et al

Yayın : J Infect Dis

Yayın Yılı : 2014

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Konu : Transfüzyon

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 An association between GBV-C and improved HIV-infection outcome has been reported in HIV+ individuals with active GBV-C co-infection. This study provides insights into the immune mechanisms underlying the protective role of GBV-C in HIV infected patients.


 The concentrations of 64 cytokines and chemokines were measured in plasma samples from the Viral Activation Transfusion Study (VATS) cohort pre-transfusion and longitudinally in 30 HIV+/GBV-C+ cases and 30 HIV+/GBV-C- controls.


 HIV+/GBV-C+ cases had lower HIV VL and higher CD4 T cell counts than controls after acquisition of GBV-C infection. Most of the modulated cytokines and chemokines were reduced post-GBV-C detection, including many pro-inflammatory cytokines, suggesting an overall anti-inflammatory effect of GBV-C in HIV+ subjects. Most pathways and functions of the measured cytokines were down-regulated in HIV+/GBV-C+ cases, except cell death pathways which were up-regulated in various cell subsets in the 3 months post-GBV-C detection.


 GBV-C has a protective effect in part through a competition mechanism leading to decreased inflammation and improved HIV disease outcome in HIV+/GBV-C+ individuals. Further studies are necessary to establish whether GBV-C may in fact have deleterious effects on the host at the cellular level, including depleting the cells which are HIV targets.

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