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Granulocyte collection using a novel apheresis system eases the procedure and provides concentrates of high quality.

Yazarlar : Leitner GC, Kolovratova V, Horvath M

Yayın : Transfusion

Yayın Yılı : 2014

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Konu : Aferez

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The latest technical innovation for granulocyte (PMN) collections is the fully automated Spectra Optia (Optia) device (TerumoBCT). In a retrospective investigation we evaluated the impact of the technical automation on the product quality in a routine working field.


A total of 71 granulocyte collections (GCs) were collected from either routine random blood donors, mobilized with prednisolone (P; two females/23 males; median age, 42 years; range, 25-63 years), or family donors (three females/12 males; median age, 29 years; range, 21-59 years) who were mobilized with recombinant human granulocyte-colony-stimulating factor (rHuG-CSF) at a dose of 5 μg/kg body weight. All collections were performed with the Optia device. Fifty-nine concentrates (GTX) produced with the Cobe Spectra (Cobe; TerumoBCT) served as a historical control.


In total a mean of 452 ± 60 mL with a mean purity of 83 ± 9.6% PMNs was collected with the Optia. Compared with the Cobe collections (298 ± 52 mL), the product volumes in general as well as the absolute PMN yield in P-mobilized products were significantly higher with the Optia: PMN count, 1.9 × 1010  ± 0.49 × 1010 versus 1.5 × 1010  ± 0.85 × 1010 , respectively (p < 0.05), due to higher white blood cell (WBC) yields. rHuG-CSF-mobilized products showed no significant differences in the absolute WBC (7.2 ± 3.0/Optia vs. 7.0 ± 2.1/Cobe) and PMN (5.9 ± 2.6/Optia vs. 5.7 ± 1.9/Cobe) yield. The PMN purity was equal in both devices (mean, 83%) although it was slightly lower in the rHuG-CSF group (82 ± 9.2%) than in the P group (84 ± 6.2%). In none of the procedures were side effects recorded.


GC with the fully automated Optia device is safe for donors, is not inferior to its forerunner Cobe Spectra, produces GTX of a high quality, and requires less manpower than the Cobe Spectra.

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