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Evaluation of a Once-Daily Vancomycin Regimen in an Outpatient Leukemia/Bone Marrow Transplant Clinic (OD-VANCO Study)

Yazarlar : Luo C, Hussaini T, Lacaria K et al

Yayın : Can J Hosp Pharm.

Yayın Yılı : 2014

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Konu : Kemik İliği Nakli

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The Leukemia/Bone Marrow Transplant Program of British Columbia manages patients with high-risk febrile neutropenia and those with non-neutropenic immunocompromised states in an outpatient clinic setting. Because the program treats outpatients only, once-daily administration of IV antibiotics is desirable. A high-dose, once-daily vancomycin nomogram was developed and implemented as part of the antibiotic treatment regimen.


To determine if therapeutic vancomycin trough levels could be achieved with a high-dose, once-daily regimen in this outpatient setting.


A prospective, single-centre, observational cohort study was conducted over a 7-month period. Outpatients in the Leukemia/BoneMarrow Transplant Program were started on IV vancomycin with the high-dose, once-daily vancomycin nomogram, and outcomes were assessed.


Of 48 outpatients treated over the 7-month period, 10 (21%) had therapeutic vancomycin trough concentrations (i.e., greater than 10 mg/L). Thirty-five (90%) of the 39 patients with suspected clinical infection experienced clinical cure, and 6 (67%) of the 9 patients with documented microbiological infection experienced microbiological cure. Thirty (62%) of the 48 patients experienced symptoms of "red man syndrome", and 7 (15%) experienced some degree of nephrotoxicity. Two of 3 patients with laboratory-reported minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) for identified pathogens had a calculated area under the curve to MIC ratio greater than or equal to 400.


The high-dose, once-daily vancomycin nomogram was effective in attaining trough levels greater than 10 mg/L in only 21% of patients in this study. A substantial number of adverse drug reactions were observed. Given these results, high-dose, once-daily vancomycin is no longer recommended for outpatient therapy.

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