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Interferon-α is not elevated in idiopathic thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura patients

Yazarlar : Watanaboonyongcharoen P, Whinna H, Park Y

Yayın : J Clin Apheresis

Yayın Yılı : 2014

Pubmed Linki :

Konu : Aferez

Literatür İçeriği :  Idiopathic thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) patients have ADAMTS13 deficiency, which is usually caused by ADAMTS13 autoantibodies. However, the triggering factors for the autoantibody production remain unclear. Interferon-α (IFN-α) is a cytokine involved with many autoimmune processes such as inducing the activation of peripheral dendritic cells and stimulating T cells and B cells. It also plays an important role in some autoimmune diseases. Elevated IFN-α levels have been observed in some TTP patients and previous case reports have shown the occurrence of TTP after IFN-α treatment. Thus, we hypothesized that high levels of IFN-α would correlate with presence of ADAMTS13 autoantibodies. However, we did not observe elevated IFN-α levels in 36 TTP patients (mean 5.29 pg/ml, standard deviation (SD) 26.56 pg/ml) compared to healthy controls (mean 0 pg/ml, SD 0 pg/ml), P = 0.59. IFN-α levels of most patients (94%) were undetectable. Only two patients had increased IFN-α levels and ADAMTS13 autoantibodies were detected in these two patients. Interestingly, both the patients had an underlying autoimmune disease. Although there have been cases of secondary TTP following IFN-α treatment, no evidence supports a role of IFN-α in the development of idiopathic TTP in our patient population. J. Clin. Apheresis, 2014. © 2014 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

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