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Comparative Analysis of Processing Methods in Fat Grafting.

Yazarlar : Salinas HM, Broelsch GF, Fernandes JR уе фд

Yayın : Plast Reconstr Surg.

Yayın Yılı : 2014

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Konu : Aferez

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Centrifugation is a popular processing method with unclear mechanism of action. Hypotheses include fat concentration, reduced inflammatory response by removal of blood, and concentration of adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs). We performed multiple experiments to determine the role of centrifugation and compared it to a different processing method (mesh/gauze technique).


Lipoaspirate components were quantified after centrifugation at increasing speed to determine concentration efficacy. For comparison, we quantified the concentration efficacy of mesh/gauze. We also compared the number of ADSCs isolated by either method. To determine the effects of each lipoaspirate component, we compared fat alone to fat mixed with various spin-off components in a mouse model. We also compared centrifugation to mesh/gauze.


The adipocyte fraction remains constant above 5,000g, while 1,200g results in 91% concentrated fat. Mesh/gauze also results in 90% concentrated fat. The number of ADSCs in one gram of fat was 1,603±2020 and 1,857±1832 in the centrifuge and mesh/gauze groups respectively (p=0.86).Five "add-back" groups were created: Fat plus oil; Fat plus surgical tumescence; Fat plus fresh tumescence; Fat plus cell pellets and fresh tumescence; Fat plus cell pellets. The fat-only group had better retention than the groups mixed with tumescence; regardless of whether it was surgical, fresh or had cell pellets. Oil did not affect grafts. Centrifugation at 1,200g was equivalent to mesh/gauze (0.73±0.12 and 0.72±0.13 grams).


Centrifugation improves graft retention by concentration of the adipocyte fraction. The concentration efficacy of mesh/gauze is equivalent to centrifugation at 1,200g, with equivalent in-vivo outcomes.

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