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Yazarlar : Hackanson B, Daskalakis M.

Yayın : Recent Results Cancer Res.

Yayın Yılı : 2014

Pubmed Linki :

Konu : MDS

Literatür İçeriği :  Besides 5-azacytidine (azacitidine, Vidaza(®)), 5-aza-2'-deoxycytidine (decitabine, Dacogen(®)) is the most widely used inhibitor of DNA methylation, which triggers demethylation leading to consecutive reactivation of epigenetically silenced tumor suppressor genes in vitro and in vivo. Although antileukemic activity of decitabine is known for almost 40 years, its therapeutic potential in hematologic malignancies has only recently led to its approval in higher-risk MDS patients and as first-line treatment in AML patients >65 years who are not candidates for intensive chemotherapy. Several clinical trials showed promising activity of low-dose decitabine also in CML and hemoglobinopathies, whereas its efficacy in solid tumors is very limited. Clinical responses appear to be exerted both by epigenetic alterations and by induction of cell-cycle arrest and/or apoptosis. Recent and ongoing clinical trials investigate new dosing schedules, routes of administration, and combination of decitabine with other agents, including histone deacetylase inhibitors.

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