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IV. International Eurasian Haematology Congress

IV. International Eurasian Hematology Congress  was carried out with a high participation on October 9-13 2013 at Mardan Palace Hotel.

The opening of the Congress's was made by Hematology Specialists  Association President Prof. Süleyman Dincer on  09 October 2013.

Our congress which has participated speakers and guests from America, Europe, Asia and Africa , has seen great interest.

During the congress, "Poster Presentation Award Ceremony" was held on October 12, 2013.  At the ceremony, Prof. Atilla Yalçın Award, Clinical Research First Prize,  Clinical Research Second Prize, Laboratory Research Prize and two Special Jury Prize found their owners.

In the International Eurasian Hematology Congress had participants from 33 different countries and we had also guests from Kenya ,Africa.

We would like to thank our sponsors for providing support to our association.